The award-winning duo, RAZZMATAZZ FOR KIDS, performs interactive concerts for young audiences at festivals, special events, theatres and schools.

Thomas Cormier is the front man of the group–a singer, songwriter, and comedian. “Flinging his spidery legs in all directions, Razzmatazz’s Thomas Cormier looks like a dangerously out-of-control jumping jack. The kids . . . loved him.” (Stephen Pedersen, The Halifax Herald)Sandy Greenberg sings, plays guitar, and writes songs for Razzmatazz. ” . . her sense of genuineness . . . really connects with the listener. Her Joan Baez-like alto has an impressive, expressive range; her acoustic guitar style is clear and consistent.” (Ron Foley Macdonald, The Daily News).

RAZZMATAZZ FOR KIDS was honoured to be invited to perform for “First Ladies” Laura Bush and Aline Chrétien and students at the National Library in Ottawa. Sesame Street produced and aired the music video of the Razzmatazz song, “Going to my Grandma’s”.


Razzmatazz Duo Headshot copy


  •  FAMILY SHOWS (linkThis fun and interactive Family Concert is perfect at festivals and events for families with young children. 
  •  MULTICULTURAL SCHOOL SHOWS (link) For elementary schools, this Multicultural School Concert offers messages about heritage, inclusion, anti-bullying and diversity, with songs in English, French and Hebrew.  
  • FRENCH SHOWS (link / En Francais) For francophone or French Immersion audiences.
  • PEACE WORKSHOPS (linkSandy’s Workshops educate elementary school students about friendship and peace.
  • SOLO SHOWS (link) Sandy’s interactive songs and puppet show entertain  smaller audiences at daycares, libraries and birthday parties.




  • Razzmatazz for Kids (Razzmatazz)
  • Suitcase Full of Songs (Razzmatazz)
  • Sauter! Danser! Chanter! (Razzmatazz)


  • Dancing Kites (Grammas to Ambuyas for Stephen Lewis Foundation)
  • Songs for Little Princesses, Songs for Little Boys, Exercise Party (Casablanca Kids)
  • Smile Songs (Canadian Independent Record Production Association) _



“Their performance is a gift.  Everyone in the audience takes part in the non-stop, delightfully fun, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, everything gesturing, show.  The children sang and giggled through the hour-long performance and reluctantly waved good-bye when all was ‘sang’ and done.  Aren’t we lucky to have such a tremendously talented children’s musical group on our doorstep,”

Parents’n’Kids Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“One of our committee members (a retired teacher) raved about your performance. There was apparently a group of special needs children in the audience, and she couldn’t say enough about how you were able to capture the entire audience.”

Pat Finch, Director, London International Children’s Festival, Ontario

Razzmatazz Colour Logo

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