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To download the album or individual tracks for Suitcase Full of Songs, go to

To download the album or individual tracks for  Razzmatazz for Kids, go to

Both albums are also available for download on itunes and other digital distribution websites.  Search for  “Razzmatazz for Kids“.


Razzmatazz for Kids (Self-titled Album)
This award-winning recording shares with children the music from many cultures. Musical styles include: Celtic, French-Acadian, Klezmer, Appalachian, and Rock-a-Billy. Songs are presented in different languages: English, French, and Hebrew. Concepts promoted in the recording include the importance and worth of each individual, the value of family connections, having fun with music and language, physical activity, and sharing and taking care of our world. In addition to vocals by Sandy Greenberg and T.C. Cormier and children’s voices, you will be treated to the following instruments: acoustic guitar, fiddle, bass, drums, percussion, keyboard, banjo, classical guitar, electric guitar, kazoo, recorder, mandolin, clarinet, saxophone, organ.



Suitcase Full of Songs
In “Suitcase Full of Songs,” we’re happy to share with you our enjoyment of many different styles of music. You will hear guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, accordion, piano, wooden spoons, banjo, shakers, hand drums, and rub-board, often accompanied by bass and drums.

We’re pleased to include musical traditions of Europe, Africa, and North and South America in this group of original and traditional songs. Some are kids’ songs, and some are songs that kids enjoy because of their pure energy and fun. Even babies will enjoy the songs. We’ve delved into T.C.’s Acadian roots, with their connection to the Cajuns of Louisiana, and Sandy’s Jewish traditions, as well as poems from her childhood. Gordon Stobbe, master of many styles and instruments, orchestrated every song. Bruce Jacobs, Tom Roach, and Bruce Chapman added their musical expertise. Our daughter and son, Lise and Dominic, as well as other children, participated in this project. We thank everyone for their contributions.

From front-porch country banjo to pizzicato violin minuet, from blues to a square dance, from waltz to Klezmer, from calypso to Cajun, this suitcase full of songs is our gift to you.



Sauter! Danser! Chanter!

This album is entirely in French, featuring all original songs.  It is great for children just learning French, as well as for francophone children.  This CD is a celebration of French music and storytelling!

Cet album est composé de chasons originales en français.  Parfait pour les enfants francophones, ainsi que pour ceux et celles qui apprennent le français; l’album est une célébration de musique et histoires en français!

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