“Witty and substantial songs with an irresistible catchiness. The intense combination of inspired whimsy, pure silliness, traditional tunes delivered by strong musicianship and warmth of personality make Razzmatazz For Kids a superior example of a limited genre. . . . Sandy Greenberg sings, plays guitar, and writes songs for Razzmatazz. “ . . her sense of genuineness . . . really connects with the listener. Her Joan Baez-like alto has an impressive, expressive range; her acoustic guitar style is clear and consistent.” –Ron Foley MacDonald, The Daily News

“Thomas Cormier (T.C.) is the front man of the group–a singer, songwriter, and comedian. “Flinging his spidery legs in all directions, Razzmatazz’s Thomas Cormier (“T.C.”) looks like a dangerously out-of-control jumping jack. The kids . . . loved him.” –Stephen Pedersen, The Halifax Herald

” . . . a disc of zippy and fun music that younsters can play repeatedly without driving their parents nuts in the process . . . Parents will appreciate the level of quality in the recording. Instead of simply relying on synthesizers, like some kids’ records I’ve heard, most of the music is organic . . . The extra time and expense was worth it; For Kids is a record that should last for the next few generations of young music lovers.” –Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail-Star

“From “Hava Nagila” to “Savez-vous planter les choux? to “I Like Funny Noises,” this husband-and-wife duo, Razzmatazz for Kids, cover all ethnic bases in a whimsical, musical style. Rich vocals and inventive arrangements make this album a winner.” –Susan Devins, Owl Canadian Family

“Their performance is a gift. Everyone in the audience takes part in the non-stop, delightfully fun, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, everything gesturing, show. The children sang and giggled through the hour-long performance and reluctantly waved good-bye when all was ‘sang’ and done. Aren’t we lucky to have such a tremendously talented children’s musical group on our doorstep.” –Parents’n’Kids Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“World class entertainment for children . . . funny, interactive, poignant, melodic and absolutely live . . . no canned tracks . . . musicianship is first rate . . . none of the “gross-out”aspects that seem to be a part of the music of many children’s entertainers.” –Peter Harrison, C-100 Breakfast Club

“[Thomas] had the youngsters eating out of his hand before a single chord was struck in the children’s entertainment tent at the Provincial Exhibition. ‘ Who can eat cotton candy without it sticking to their nose?’ he asked enthusiastically as he worked effortlessly at injecting a high level of energy into the small children sitting on the grass in front of the stage. The playful conversation quickly drew the children’s attention to T.C., who was sporting a green T-shirt and wearing a red bandanna around his neck. T.C. Commands the lion’s share of attention on stage, whether it’s coaxing children to imagine themselves driving a bus with a gigantic steering wheel or getting the youngster to join him with an array of instruments in a marching band..” –Jim Day, The Guardian, Charlottetown, PEI

“Razzmatazz’s show was excellent. There was a lot of interaction and the children were up out of their seats, dancing and making trains. It was all a lot of fun.” –Karen Schaus, Parent, quoted by Heather MacCallum, The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB

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