The Razzmatazz MULTICULTURAL SCHOOL SHOWS  (50 Minutes  –  Elementary Schools) address the elementary curriculum in Music, Social Studies, English and French, and reinforces lessons in heritage, inclusion, diversity and perseverance.  Dramatic and comedic song introductions and lively original and traditional music get the students singing, clapping their hands and interacting with the performers.  Razzmatazz sings in English, French and Hebrew, highlighting their ancestry.

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“WOW!!  Amazing!!  The first performance that truly engaged and entertained the students for the entire time!!  The students were captivated, entertained, engaged and enlightened.  They wanted MORE Razzmatazz!!” -Mary McCarthy, Teacher and Fine Arts Liaison, Lower Lincoln Elementary, New Brunswick

“A delightful, meaningful, truly excellent performance . . . The performers imparted their messages of acceptance, inclusion, taking risks, trying hard, and  many other important lessons for students to learn, in wonderful, entertaining ways.” -Amanda Carol Cantrell,  Music  Teacher, Carrboro Elementary, Carrboro, North Carolina.

“One of our committee members (a retired teacher) raved about your performance. There was apparently a group of special needs children in the audience, and she couldn’t say enough about how you were able to capture the entire audience.”  -Pat Finch, Director, London International Children’s Festival, Ontario

“I’ve been hearing rave reviews about your show from the children and adults alike.They enjoyed it immensely. They loved the music and the interaction, and they skipped back to class!” -Heather MacKeil, Principal, Maple Ridge Elementary, Lantz, Nova Scotia

“This was the second time I have seen your group perform for a school group and I was, again, very impressed. The children are engaged from the moment you begin until the end of the last song. I’ve seen many groups perform who are great at getting the students involved and wound up, but not so great at bringing them back down. You have them with you the whole time. I also like the messages of participation, trying your best and acceptance you promote. The historical and cultural information are terrific as well. Fabulous performance! Keep up the good work! Thanks very much!” -Daphne Trenaman, Grade 1/2 teacher, Hammonds Plains School, Nova Scotia

“Thank you, it was fantastic. I couldn’t sit still. The children liked the way they got to participate and take part in all the songs. It was a lot of fun!”  Elaine Hebert, Head Youth Services Calcasieu Parish Public Library, Sulphur, Louisiana (school show  sponsored by the library)

“They (Razzmatazz) were wonderful.  They related perfectly with our students and had them tuned in and fully focused.  The children sang, clapped, and performed right along with them.  The children were all smiles.  They did all  the motions and learned to sing along quickly.  It was fun, uplifting, and inspiring from beginning to end.”  -Jeanette Webre, Librarian, College Oaks Elementary, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“That was awesome. They (the students) were engaged the whole time. They loved it!”          -Jacqualine Smith-Harriott, Vice Principal, St. Joseph’s A. MacKay School, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Hi there, I am one of the Primary teachers at O’Connell Drive Elementary. The show was absolutely entertaining and educational for all ages! It was enjoyable to learn about the history and cultures around our world. You not only intrigued the young minds but also the older. I really enjoyed how the group interacted with the audience. It was also great that you allowed students and staff to try the step dancers.  I was one of the teachers chosen and had a ball  so I know the kids did for sure too. Thanks again for visiting our school and we are all looking forward to seeing you again perform.” Sheila MacDonald, Teacher, O’Connell Drive Elementary, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

“Thank you once again for your fabulous performance at Somerset & District Elementary. You brought lots of smiles and enthusiasm to both students and staff. I was particularly impressed with the way you are able to combine education and fun. Your presentation is a wonderful way to learn about people, relationships and music.”  -Mary Magee, Music Educator/Fine Arts committee, Somerset & District Elementary, Berwick, Nova Scotia

“Your show taught so much of what we try to instill in our students. Bravo! Great show, love the content, different languages, different cultures, etc.” -Teacher, Saint Mary’s Academy, Edmunston, New Brunswick

“That was awesome! I was looking around at the kids and they were so engaged. They were just loving it. That was so entertaining. We have a very musical school and when we have someone like yourselves come in and sing with them, they take such pleasure in it.” –Bonnie Worrell, Principal, Geary Elementary, Oromocto, New Brunswick

“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the students and staff, to thank your Razzmatazz group for a magnificent performance. The students enjoyed being part of the rhythm section of your performance.”  –Marion Gammon, Principal, Sheet Harbour Consolidated School, Nova Scotia

“Razzmatazz is an energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining performing group that gets kids involved with their shows. Involving its audience in participating in singing in different languages proves to be both exciting and educational. Sharing background information and stories before a piece is performed lends itself to understanding and lots of toe-tapping, clapping and singing along to wonderful upbeat songs. Tamarac Education Centre thoroughly enjoyed the shows and would highly recommend hiring Razzmatazz for a school performance. We really did love the show and would definitely love to have you again.”          -Gaye Middleton, Music Teacher, Tamarac Education Centre, Port Hawkesbury

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your show, Razzmatazz. I was delighted with the quality of music you chose and with your presentation of it. You held the children’s interest throughout. They had a great time. And so did the teachers! Thank you.” -Lisa Main, Music Teacher, Cobequid District School, Noel, Nova Scotia

“I will use the show in Social Studies. It was great – the stories that went with the songs made it so interesting. Also, the fact that we involved the kids and they could move around was better than just sitting and listening, which can be tiresome.”  Teacher, Grade 4/5, Saint Mary’s Academy, Edmunston, New Brunswick

“It was just fabulous. The kids so needed this kind of entertainment. They loved it. They were so into it!” -Teacher, Geary Elementary, Oromocto, New Brunswick”

“That was wonderful!  It was great to have the different languages.  We study four Nova Scotia groups:  Acadian, Mi’kmaq, European and African Nova Scotian, and we just started the Acadian unit, so that was perfect . . . Listen . . . the Grade Primaries are singing Zum Gali Gali.”  -Ann Catherine Whalley, Principal, Whycocomagh Education Centre, Nova Scotia (in remarks right after our show)


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